Rev. Fr Steven Hartley

St. Benedict's Latin Mass Chapel located in Meadowbrook, Brisbane QLD (Australia) is a Traditional Latin Mass chapel and was established on the 23rd of December 2012. We use the traditional latin rite of Mass according to the Missale Romanum of St Pope Pius V.  We follow the calendar of 1954.

Fr. Steven Hartley was ordained as a catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Brisbane by Archbishop Bathersby under the New Right of Ordination in 2002, and subsequently was conditionally ordained by Bishop Adamson under the Traditional Rite of Ordination 1962 in San Fransisco USA .

Fr Hartley lives and works as a Catholic Priest celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass daily and on Sundays. 


Fr Steven Hartley also offers all the Holy Sacraments of the Church including confession and marriage.  He has received his priestly faculties to hear confession due to his ordination as a priest.

Fr Steven Hartley has been saying the traditional Latin Mass Brisbane since he was ordained as a priest in 2002.  

We have a small group attending Mass weekly. We would love for you to join our congregation. 

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